New Role: focus on the Enterprise

For the last 18+ months, I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of a great team of professionals that have focused on helping ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), successfully adopt the Azure platform. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this team more then I can express, but the time has come for me to return to the Enterprise focused market where I’ve spent the majority of my 20+ year career.

Affective July 1st, I am transitioning to a new team within my current organization (TED), that will focus Enterprise Architecture. I remain focused on the Azure platform, but will be bringing what I’ve learned from working with ISVs as well as my past experiences with Enterprise customers to try and help grow the platform even further. This new team, led by Barry Briggs will also allow me to join forces with great minds such as Josh Holmes and my old friend David Makogon.

I’m extremely excited about this move. While a significant number of the fortunate 500 company’s out there already have Azure, I’m convinced there is still an incredible amount of untapped potential. And I look forward to working with this new team to help unlock new stories, and exciting new solutions.

One Response to New Role: focus on the Enterprise

  1. Patriek says:

    Well done, Brent. I wish you the very best in your new role.

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