About the Author


In an IT career that has lasted more than 20 years, Brent has touched on everything from mobile to the mainframe. He’s programmed AS/400’s, was part owner of an small internet company during the dotcom era, worked on fraud protection systems for the financial industry, and spent time as an enterprise consultant. In early 2009, he turned his passion for distributed and web based systems to the task of the cloud and dove headlong into the Azure platform. A passion that led to him being one of the inaugural Azure MVPs and eventually to a role with Microsoft in October of 2012.

In his role as a Technical Evangelist with theTechnical Evangelism and Development (TED) team within Microsoft’s corporate Developer Experience (DX, formerly DPE) group, he pursues his passion for cloud and works with an even more complex problems while knocking down the barriers of cloud adoption.


Follow along on twitter at: @BrentCodeMonkey Or email him at brent.stineman@microsoft.com

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