High Availability – SLA’s and Uptime

Presented:Heartland Developers Conference, September 2012.
Outages happen. Software has bugs, hardware fails, people make mistakes. In the increasingly complex world we live in, the demand for systems that can adapt to failures is becoming more important every day. Cloud Computing is helping show us how to solve these problems. In this session we will discuss some of the lessons learned in the cloud and how we can apply them to software no matter where its running.
A 15 minute long version of this presentation is also available.

When? Where? Why? Cloud?

Presented: Detroit Day of Azure, March 2012. Last updated: May 2012
Everyone is talking cloud. Every vendor has a product. If you are confused, you are not alone. Together we’ll dispel the haze surrounding this buzzword and get a clear picture of what’s before us. More importantly, we discuss why you should care and what opportunities the cloud makes available to you and what you could be leaving behind if you don’t free your mind, and embrace the possibilities. A recording of this session is also available.

PHP with Windows Azure

Presented: CodeMash, January 2012. Last updated: January 2012
Open Source and Microsoft have never been the best of companions. But with the Windows Azure platform, Microsoft set out to support and promote interoperability. This session will take a tour around one of the most robust third-party language libraries – the Windows Azure SDK for PHP. I will describe the SDK’s features; and demonstrate how to create and deploy a web site to the cloud using familiar PHP tools and concepts.

Windows Azure Roadmap

Presented: Minnesota Developers Conference, September 2011. Last updated: May 2012
The Windows Azure Platform is quickly evolving and expanding. New features are being added and its nearly a full time job just keeping up to date on all the latest. In this session we’ll cover what platform is today as well as what is yet to come. Whether you’re new to the platform, or looking to catch up on the latest announcements from the 2011 Windows Build conference, this session is for you.

Myths and Mysteries

Presented: St. Cloud .NET Users Group, April, 2011
During this 90 minute session we’ll give a brief overview of the Windows Azure Platform and some of the myths and hidden truths of this new application development platform. You’ll get a basic introduction to what it is and what it isn’t as we try to penetrate the fog and get to the heart of of Microsoft’s most significant technology shift since it abandoned MS-DOS.

Cloud Computing Barriers and Benefits

Presented: Twin Cities Cloud Computing User Group, March, 2011
There’s plenty of folks around that will talk to you about how to build applications for the cloud. But just as important is understanding what factors can make it difficult as well as the benefits your organization can realize if they overcome them.

Windows Azure – Dispelling the Haze

Presented: Twin Cities .NET Users Group, January, 2011
With any technology, the how’s are as important as the why’s. So in this session we will cover not just the technical aspects of development on the Windows Azure Platform, but also what cloud computing is and how it can compliment and extend your on-premises solutions. You’ll leave with a basic understanding of the tools the Windows Azure Platform makes available too you (Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Azure AppFabric) as well as how to identify opportunities to which they can be applied.

Getting Started with Windows Azure Development

Presented: Twin Cities Code Camp, April, 2011
Curious about Windows Azure but not sure where to start? This session will cover the basics from where to get the resources, how to learn the platform at no cost, and options for “free hosting”.


Twin Cities Code Camp – Presenter Interview

Recorded: Twin Cities Code Camp, April 2011.
An causual interview taken between presentations talking about Windows Azure.

Appearance on Technology & Friends : Episode 210

Recorded:Microsoft MVP Summit, Recorded February 2012
An appearance on my colleague and fellow MVP David Giard’s video podcast show discussing Cloud Computing as a Financial Institution (instead of as a utility).

Appearance on Technology & Friends : Episode 147

Recorded:Microsoft MVP Summit, February 2011
An appearance on my colleague and fellow MVP David Giard’s video podcast show discussing Windows Azure and cloud design patterns.

Sogeti Azure Privilege Club promotional video

Recorded:June 2011
A promotional video I am in for Windows Azure and the Sogeti (my employer) Windows Azure Privilege Club.

Cloud Cover Show – Episode 47

Recorded:June 2011
My first appearance on the cloud cover show. We discussed the newly announced Azure AppFabric Service Bus Topics and Queues. Quick demo and my crappy singing.

Cloud Cover Show – Episode 57

Recorded:August 2011
My Second appearance on the cloud cover show. This time Wade Wegner is back and we talk about page blobs and some unusual applications.

Where, Where, Why, Cloud? Keynote from Detroit Day of Azure

Recorded: Southfield, MI, March 24, 2012.
A recording of the keynote I gave at the Detroit Day of Azure conference. The slides aren’t visible in the recording but are available under resources here on this page.


MikeWo’s Musings – Michael is an innaugural Windows Azure MVP and fellow Azure MVP of the year for 2010. Check out his blog where he talks about all things cloud and Windows Azure.

Convective – written by another Azure MVP, Neil’s blog is one of the best sources for hands on examples of various Azure techniques. Neil always dives below the surface to help get a real understanding of how things works.

Michael Collier’s Blob – Mike is a great guy and very enthusiastic about cloud, especially when combined with mobile app development. Speaks frequently around the country and always willing to help share experiences.

Windows Azure Office Hours – A weekly webcast hosted by Microsoft Developer Evangelist Mike Benkovich. Each episode features experts on Windows Azure and allows you to ask question you’d like to see answered.

Brady Gaster – Microsoft Evangelist – Brady joined the Windows Azure evangelist team in December of 2011. He quickly kicked things off with his presentation at CodeMash on SignalR. Brady is a great presenter and passionate technologist. Not to mention juts alot of fun to hang with.


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