My Presentations Posted (Year of Azure – Week 15)

Ok, barely getting this one in. It could be because it has been a week full of multiple priorities, or simply distractions (I did finally pick up Gears of War 3). Regardless, I have two seperate posts I’m working on but neither is ready yet. So instead of code I finally made the time to update the resource page with some additional powerpoints and other media.

I have a few more, but I’ve left out ones that were created specifically for clients. So enjoy!

Meanwhile, one quick tip to make up for the lack of a “real” update. Under isolated circumstances, RoleEnvironment.IsAvailable may not return the proper result when running in the 1.4 SDK’s development fabric. I’ve seen it happen where it won’t return the proper result if you all it anywhere but inside the RoleEntryPoint based classed. However, upgrading to the 1.5 SDK can quickly fix this.

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