Containers for Windows Developers (a reference)

So in about 36 hours I’ll be presenting at the 2016 Cloud Develop conference in Columbus, OH on “Containers for Windows Developers”. I know on the surface this may seem like a departure from my normal Azure focus. But I firmly believe (and did prior to our Windows Containers for ACS announcement) that containers are going to be a real driving force in the cloud.

I started exploring this in the fall of 2015 shortly after we announced containers for Windows Server 2016 and have continued to follow it. I’ve had to set it aside for other priorities but continued to return to this from time to time. And while the story is still not complete (Windows Server 2016 is still in preview), I’m pleased to see the story is now mature enough that I’m comfortable talking about it. Pretty handy since we’re this close to the conference with a session I proposed several months ago.

What I found as I dug into this that while there’s alot of documentation out there, but I don’t feel it speaks to a key audience. Namely Windows developers. Most of the materials I found are focused on folks that are either already familiar with containers (from Linux) or are from the operations side of the house. So I wanted to come up with materials from the viewpoint of the Windows developer.

Unfortunately, the entire story is something for another day. The purpose of this post is to provide some links that I found useful as I set about learning containers on Windows server. There’s simply to much to list on a slide so this post is a placeholder to those links that I can reference from the presentation

  • Enjoy!


Windows Containers: What, Why and How – Build 2015

Setting the Stage: The Application Platform in Windows Server 2016 – Build 2016

Windows Server containers, Docker, and an introduction to Azure Container Service – Azure Con 2015


Windows Containers Overview – MSDN Documentation

Windows Containers on Windows 10 – MSDN Documentation

What is Docker? – Tim Butler

Docker Basics: A practical starters guide – Tim Butler – unknown

The presentation that is based on my journey/experience is available on github. Please note that the content can (and likely will) continue to be edited right up until just minutes before I present it. Maybe I’ll see you there!


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