Joining Microsoft

Seven years ago, I set out to take charge of my career. I’d spent the last 13 years working as an FTE for various employers both large and small. And realized that for the last 5-6 years, I’d basically been coasting along with the currents. If I wanted to go anywhere, I needed to take control and find a direction.

With that decision, I set out to pursue a position with a consulting firm. It figured it would provide me with challenges that would help me grow.  Fortunately, just as I made this decision, my brother had a coworker leave to go to work for a local firm. I shared my info and within a few days got a call. Even more fortunately, they had an immediate need for someone with my exact skills (knowing both the mainframe and .NET worlds). Things moved very rapidly and in less than a month, I joined Sogeti USA as a Senior Consultant.

I haven’t regretted that decision for a moment. Working at Sogeti has been a great experience. It has had its up and downs like any job. But taken on the whole, I’ve really liked it here. I have a management team that I feel honestly cares about me and my career growth. I work with some great people both locally and globally. And most of all, they provided me with the opportunity to seek out new ventures for myself and the company. In my seven years here, I’ve gone from being a local code-slinging, heads down delivery resource to a national thought leader with the organization, helping steer its future.

So it was a very difficult decision for me to leave this behind. Colleagues I’ve come to consider friends and even family.

Now over the last 3 years, I’ve been focused on this “cloud thing”. I went really deep on a technology I feel would help carry my career for the next 5-10yrs and in doing so I achieved some items I never really set out for. I gained the attention and made friends with some REALLY smart people at Microsoft. I’m talking the kinds of people that just when you think you know what you’re talking about show you that you don’t know jack. I also became a Microsoft MVP for Windows Azure. And nobody was as surprised about this as I was.

Over these years, I’ve also learned of opportunities to work even closer with Windows Azure. But the opportunities never felt right, especially with two kids I would really like to see graduate from the same school system they’ve been in since kindergarten. That was until back in June of this year when a position was posted on the Windows Azure ISV Incubation team. I thought long and hard on this, even talked to former Microsoft employees and family. And after weeks of reflection I applied and was ultimately offer the position.

So starting Monday I’m going to join Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist in the US central region. I’m both excited and nervous about this change. Sogeti is a great company to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back for a moment. But I feel that at this time I’ll truly be able to pursue my passion around cloud and maybe in some small way help steer the platform into the bright future I see ahead of it. Not a short term one of “wins” and industry hype. But one that is helping organizations of all sizes build the next generation of applications and solutions.

I’ll still be based in Minneapolis, and still active online and at local/regional events. I do have to set aside my MVP status (which I’d just received for the 3rd time). But honestly, that pales by comparison to stepping away from my role at Sogeti. And I’ll never forget that Sogeti has been the place that most helped me grow and get to where I’m at. So this next new step in my life wouldn’t have been possible without them.

So today, as I look at my surroundings, is a day for mixed emotions. I have hope and excitement about the future. But sadness at the ending, well.. the changing of a great partnership.