Cloud Computing News Digest for September 21st, 2012

I normally publish this over at my Sogeti blog at but that’s down at the moment so we’re going to my backup copy. I know, the self proclaimed “cloud guy” isn’t in the cloud. Well there’s an old saying that goes something like ‘the cobbler’s children have no shoes’. Smile

I’d say I’m late with this edition but this is developing into enough of a pattern that I think I’m just going to start thinking of monthly as the new weekly J So on to the news…

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Fujitsu announced the launch of the Big Data Working Group. The intent of this organization is to help the industry by bringing forth best practices for security and privacy when working with big data. They will start focused on research across several industry verticals with their first report due sometime this fall.

At the 2012 CloudOpen conference this past August, Suse announced their OpenStack based enterprise level private cloud solution called amazingly enough “Suse Cloud”. This IaaS based solution would help organizations deploy and manage private clouds with self-service and workload standardization capabilities.

I also found an article about a competitor to OpenStack, Eucalyptus. SearchCloudComputing has published a “deep dive” into using Eucalpytus 3.1. You’ll need to register as a member (its free) to read the full article

In my job, I’m often asked what skills are needed for cloud. This article by Joe McKendrick does a nice job of covering the list. Not just for individuals, but for organizations as well.

When you talk to cloud vendors, they will eventually reference PEU (Power to Energy Utilization) statistics in some way. But as this piece by David Linthicum over at explains, the real savings are in the ability to adjust to changing needs and in turn, changing our consumption.

Last month the world watched the 2012 Summer Olympics. And it turns out the cloud played a major hand in helping deliver that content around the globe. Windows Azure Media Services helped deliver live and on-demand video content to several broadcasters. Eyes weren’t just on the games as Apica, a vendor of testing and monitoring solutions, monitored various Olympics related web sites and scored them for their uptime and performance.

For this edition I also found a presentation by Adrian Cockcroft of Netflix on the Cassandra (another noSQL database solution) Performance and Scalability on AWS. Even if you don’t plan to use Cassandra, I highly recommend listen to this and picking up what you can of their approach and learnings. The video lasts about an hour.

Pfizer (the drug…. er… pharmaceutical company), also ventured into the world of cloud computing to help with supply chain issues. If you ever wondered about your critical delivery, what about getting lifesaving medicine to patients.

On the Google front, they haven’t been quite. They recently launched the Google Cloud Partner Program, giving them a way to help promote and leverage delivery partners not unlike the programs already in place at Amazon and Microsoft.

Related to topics that are close to my heart, I have a great article on resilient solution engineering from Jesse Robbins at GameDay. Having all this capacity for disaster recovery and failover doesn’t do us much good if we won’t create solutions that can take advantage of it. And on the subject of architecture, just yesterday I ran across this great list of items for architectural principles taken from Will Larson’s “Introduction to Architecting Systems for Scale”. Definitely give this a read.

And to close out this edition, I have an info graphics on enterprise cloud adoption. I’m not a big fan of infographics, but I found this one useful and figured I’d share it with all of you.

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  1. levine walters says:

    Thanks for the updates here in your blog. Have been searching for many considerations in switching to the cloud. Research is one major booster in that switch, I have chanced upon this read as well which could be beneficial to your followers.
    Hope this helps!

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