Meet Windows Azure (aka Learn Windows Azure v2)

Remember that massively popular “Learn Windows Azure” even that was held last December? Well the Windows Azure team evidently had so much fun with it that its back again on June 7th as Meet Windows Azure!

Last time around many of us (the Azure junkies) were also on twitter answering messages that came up. Well Magnus Mårtensson decided to help formalize that a bit more and set up a Lanyrd site so it will be that much easier for all the tweeps to get together.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re also starting an unofficial Blog Relay. So please create a post on this event and send a note to @noopman letting him know so we can get you added to the list. Here’s the last participants I have heard of:

MEET Windows Azure Blog Relay:

I hope to see you online on June 7th, look for @brentcodemonkey!


9 Responses to Meet Windows Azure (aka Learn Windows Azure v2)

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