Detroit Day of Azure Keynote

Keynote is a fancy way of saying “gets to go first”. But when my buddy David Giard asked me if I would come Detroit to support his Day of Azure, I couldn’t say no. So we talked a bit, tossed around some ideas.. and I settled on a presetion idea I had been calling “When? Where? Why? Cloud?”. This presentation isn’t technical, its about helping educate both developers and decision makers on what cloud computing is, how you can use it, what opportunities, etc…. Its a way to start the conversation on cloud.

Session seemed to go pretty good, not much feedback but there were lots of noding heads, a few smiles (hopefully at my jokes), and only one person seemed to be falling asleep. Not bad for a foggy, drizzly 8am on a Saturday presentation. So as promised, I’ve uploaded the presentation here if you liked to take a look. And if you’re here because you were in the session, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought.