Windows Azure & PHP (for nubs)–Side note

Writing your from CodeMash First time here as an attendee and a presenter. Having a great time meeting many great people. Yesterday I presented on Windows Azure with PHP (see deck and demo script in the resource area) and it went smoothly except for a minor demo hiccup.

I tell folks that even after 3 years of working with the platform, I still learn things. Well once I dug into the root cause of my demo hiccup, it turns out I learned something about the Azure SDK tools (something that my use of Visual Studio always hid from me).

During the demo, I built and deployed a project locally. Doing a “package create” with “-dev=true”. It turns out the PHP SDK is using the Azure SDK tools cspack and csrun to get my project packed and deployed to the Azure Development Emulator. And when its doing this for the local emulator, the package isn’t encrypted as it would be for deployment to a hosted Windows Azure service. Combine that with my system settings to automatically open zip files as if they were folders, and the upload dialog at simply wouldn’t let me select the file for deployment.


But by re-running the”package create” again with “-dev=false”, it then uses cspack to create the encrypted file for deployment to the cloud.

I’ve already updated the presentation materials listed above. So the demo script now makes it really clear that this is the case. As I prepare to pack up and leave CodeMash, its knowing that I learned not just from other awesome presenters, but I also managed to teach myself something in the process.

PS – if you have the opportunity to attend CodeMash next year, I couldn’t recommend it enough!