BUILD/Windows Summary (Year of Azure–Week 11)

When I posed my last update, I had planned on doing some live blogging for week 11 from the BUILD conference. Unfortunately, as a consultant personal desires are “subject to the demands of the service” as they say in one of my favorite book series. So instead of being in LA, I spent the week in Tampa working long hours with a great team to prepare a proposal for a client. Sadly, this left me with almost no time for scan news from the conference.

Top top off the lack of sleep from this week, I have a good friend some into town today and we have plans that will consume the entire day. So this post will unfortunately not be what I had originally hoped. With all that said, on to the news…

The Team Blog has been busy with updates:

There were also some great Azure sessions at the conference with recordings now available. I’d recommend Mark Russinovich’s “Inside Windows Azure”, “What’s new in WIndows Azure” with James Conard, and “Building Windows 8 and Windows Azure Apps” by Steve Marx“. But there’s lots of great sessions so be sure to check the latest.Well I need to get ready for company, so until next time!


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