The Virtual DMZ (Year of Azure Week 10)

Hey folks, super short post this week. I’m busy beyond belief and don’t have time for much. So what I want to call out is something that’s not really new, but something that I believe hasn’t been mentioned enough. Securing services hosted in Windows Azure so that only the parties I want to have connect to can.

In a traditional infrastructure, we’d use Mutual Authentication and certificates. Both communicating parties would have to have a certificate installed, and exchange/validate that when establishing a connection. If you only share/exchange certificates with people you trust, this makes for a fairly easy way to secure a service. The challenge however, is that if you have 10,000 customers you connect with in this manner, you now have to coordinate a change in the certificates with all 10,000.

Well, if we add in the Azure AppFabric’s Access Control Service, we can help mitigate some of those challenges. Set up a rule that will take multiple certificates and issue  single standardized token. I’d heard of this approach awhile back but never had time to explore it or create a working demo of it. Well I needed one recently so I sent out some network calls to get a demo recently and fortunately had a colleague down in Texas found something ON MSDN that I’d never run across, How To: Authenticate with a Client Certificate to a WCF Service Protected by ACS.

I’ve taken lately to referring to this approach as the creation of a “virtual DMZ”. You have on or more publically accessible services running in Windows Azure with input endpoints. You then, secured by certificates an the ACS, have another set of “private” services, also with input endpoints.

A powerful option, and one that by using the ACS isn’t overly complex to setup or manage. Yes, there’s an initial hit with calls to the secured services because they first need to get a token from the ACS before calling the service, but they can then cache that token until it expires to make sure subsequent calls are not impacted as badly.

So there we have it. Short and sweet this week, and sadly sans any code (again). So until next time… send me any suggestions for code samples. Smile

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