Cloud Computing Barriers and Benefits

I stretched myself this week and gave a presenation to the local Cloud Computing User Group that wasn’t specifically about Windows Azure but instead a general take on cloud computing adoption. The idea for this rose from a session I conducted at the 2011 Microsoft MVP Summit with two other Windows Azure MVP’s that specifically targetted Windows Azure. And since much of my time lately has been thinking as much strategic about the cloud as technical, it made sense to put my thoughts out there via a presentation.

Feedback on the presentation was good and the discussion was as always much better. And I promised those in attendence that I’d post the presentation. So here you go!

I apologize for the deck not being annotated. I also realize that this subject is one folks have written entire books on so its just touches on complex topics. But there’s not much else you can do in a 60-90 minute presentation that covers such a board topic.  That said, I’d still appreciate any feedback anyone has on it or on my presentation (if you were present yesterday).


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