Is this thing on?

Howdy all. So I’ve moved the blog to WordPress now that MSFT is dropping Live Spaces. Sad to see the old go, still trying to get comfortable, but I’m happy to get some new features. Only time will tell if I actually do anything with them.

I really don’t have anything specific today. Just some rambling updates. On October 1st, 2010 I was notified that I have been selected as an Azure MVP. I don’t feel worthy, so now the pressure is on to make sure I get renewed. I feel now that I’ve been selected that if I don’t get renewed, someone will realize it was a mistake. And I hate to disappoint folks. I’ve got a talk for the Twin Cities Cloud Computing user group tonight, another in a couple weeks in Omaha, and yet another planned for December. To top it off, I received an email this morning from a book publisher asking me if I would like to author a book. All in all, its rather overwhelming.

I guess I should try to make this at least partly cloud related…

Recently I had the unfortunate task of trying to work with a datacenter team to try and locate a server for a project I’m working on. After several ‘we can’t do that’ responses we finally found a common ground and I was told it would be $200/month to host it. All this just for a server I can throw a STS (simple token service) on that won’t be used by much more then a couple dozen users a few times a day. I could run it off my wife’s 3yr old laptop for Pete’s sake.

This experience got me to thinking… will the short-comings and bureaucracy of traditional IT infrastructure help drive folks to the cloud? Will business, who need to deliver solutions faster and more efficiently continue to put up with roadblocks and delays when they can just swipe their corporate credit cards and get what they need in just minutes? I often talk to developers that they need to ‘get with the cloud’ if they don’t want to be left behind. Maybe I need to expand that and start also warning the “server huggers” (heard that term at a produce session recently, love it) that if they don’t start embracing the cloud, they too may find themselves obsolete.

*shrug* Oh well. Enough rambles, time to get back to work. I’ve got a team meeting in 10 minutes. Smile 

Till next time!


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