And now a message from our sponsors…

No, I haven’t stopped the blog and I still very much want to continue my series on .NET Services. The challenge I’m running into is that when we’re talking .NET development, you really need to understand WCF to leverage the relay service. Unfortunately, WCF is not a strong suit for me and despite my best attempts, I continue to struggle with it. So I’ve ordered a nice little book that should help me get up to speed with them and once I’ve digested that, I’ll be back to .NET Services.

Meanwhile, I do also have a new Azure related project that popped into my head yesterday. I’ve been pondering ways to link my post on health/activity monitoring to Azure development in a real way and had this crazy idea for a cloud architecture approach that provides this type of application monitoring. So I’ve started firming up the idea and comparing it against such things and CSLA and MEBA as well as looking for any existing design patterns that parallel it. I don’t want to give too much away until I get it shaped up, but suffice to say I’m exploring architecting a cloud application in much the same way cloud computing PaaS providers seem to provision and manage their solution offerings.

The goal will be to create a series of design patterns intended to help support and potentially manage application deployed into the cloud. Adding greater death to health and activity monitoring as well as delivering mechanisms for configuration management. If I can take things far enough, it may even include sample class libraries to aid in the management of Windows Azure applications (auto-scaling of instances and forced instance restarts). Its a big goal, and I’m sure to be asking for help as things grow. But for now I’m trying to get my basic models sorted out.

In the meantime, in the absence of anything useful to post, I plan to start posting copies of a newsletter style email I’ve been distributing to my Sogeti colleagues. They’re short digests of some of the new highlights I see each week. Its filler, but at least its on-topic filler.

As always, if there’s something you’d care to hear about, please just drop me a line at to let me know. 🙂 I like answering questions.


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