Azure Storage – Hands on with Queues, Part 3.5

Two blog posts in one week. Just don’t get used to it. I have a family and a day job. 🙂 Besides, the lilacs are in bloom here in Minnesota and my thoughts are officially turning towards spring and spending more time outdoors. And those outdoor moments will involve clouds in the sky, not on the internet.

That all said, this post is really to just post an update to my QueueDemo solution that combines enhancements I’ve made as a result of my last article on service configuration options. Putting my own words to practice, I have updated the QueueDemo so that it can now be used against either Development or Hosted Storage. The changes are as follows:

  • enhanced constructor to pull account credentials and URI endpoint from configuration
  • enhance URI to check host and create full URI in either path or host style as appropriate

There’s also one odd bug I’m still wrestling with and have in fact reported to Microsoft. It appears that the development fabric will allow the creation of queue’s with upper case letters in the names. According to the Azure Queue API documentation this is not supposed to be the case and indeed is not when using hosted storage. So you may notice the addition of a call to the ToLower method in the AzureQueue class constructor. Time will tell if I’m missing something on my end or if there is indeed a bug in the development SDK. As yet, MS is unable to reproduce the issue on their end. So just keep the queue name rules in mind if you get a “Bad Request” response.

Heard back from Microsoft yesterday and I wasn’t crazy. Turns out that Queuetst would produce the expected “Bad Request” response but something like “tstQueue” wouldn’t. Now that its been reproduced, the bug is being escalated. Woot, I contributed!

In the end though, I was able to get the sample project up and running just fine in either development storage or hosted storage. Simply tweak the service configuration file to change which you want to work with. I’ve uploaded the new zip file for you to play with.

The latest version of the file can be found at:

Quick “thank you”

I would also like thank everyone that’s been coming here. This blog recently surpassed 500 page views. Its a small number I’ll admit. But nice progress given my lack of anything even remotely resembling notoriety and that I’ve only been posting a few months. I am extremely pleased with the rate at which traffic is growing. I still find it a bit surprising that folks are genuinely interested in what I have to say and pleased that it appears my conversational writing style is one visitors are finding comfortable.

So “Thank you” for coming and sharing this blog your friends.


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