Keep it simple, please

I’ve run into this more then once. You sit down to work on code you didn’t originally write. There’s little documentation (if any). And you can see clear evidence of multiple hands in the code. Standards may have been followed, but you can still see a difference between the style of the code in different areas of the program.
Then it starts to hit you. Repeatedly… almost like someone is standing behind you and smacking a ruler on thier hand every couple of minutes. This PROGRAM IS A MESS.
Sometimes good programs become this way. It happens. But just as often, I see evidence that the program was needlessly complex. When designing a solution to a problem, please keep it simple. Nothing causes me as much grief as encountering a solution that could have been solved just as easily in half the code. Don’t go implementing the "perfect" solution if it turns out to be so complex that the guy coming along behind you will need a PHD and a roadmap to figure out what you did.
It seems that too often we get so bogged down by the technology that we fail to be responsible using it. This could apply to writing code… to using our cell phones while driving… or even to something as simple as cooking dinner.
Do the job. Just keep it simple. 🙂

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