Ah, Wednesdays

Well the presentation went well enough I thought. We proved that SaaS may still be to leading edge for most folks. Only 4 people showed up for our presentation. The upside is that it was a nice intimate session with some good dialog. We’re going to continue to work the material and try to come up with more examples of it (I may have one in the works already) so help show folks that SaaS and Microsoft’s Online Services are truely viable solutions.
Meanwhile, I got Force Unleashed for my Birthday along with a Santana CD. Good stuff. Forced Unleashed on the Wii was ok, but I still don’t like the control scheme or the visuals. The port to the Wii was hurried and there were alot of texture issues. Game also doesn’t have alot of replay value. I also got my home computer setup to triple boot. Its now running Windows XP, Vista, and the Windows 7 beta. I haven’t gotten much time on Windows 7 yet, but I’m liking it. It truely appears to be more like what Vista should have been.
I’m also nearly done setting up my BizTalk 2009 VPC. So hopefully I’ll be able to start seeing more progress on learning that very soon.

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